Narva Hid Work Light Square 24V Trapezoid Beam

Narva Hid Work Light Square 24V Trapezoid Beam

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The gamma xenon h.I.D (high intensity discharge) lamp is designed for rugged environments such as mining, earth moving, construction, agriculture, ports, forestry, etc. An aluminium alloy housing and internally mounted gen 5 ballast utilises a xenon gas discharge globe, making gamma resistant to shock and vibration. The globe life is around 3000 hours, five times that of a conventional halogen globe.

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The light from an h.I.D lamp is produced by an arc in a xenon gas filled envelope, in comparison to a halogen globe, where electricity passes through a filament making it illuminate. With no filament to break, h.I.D lighting eliminates the effects of shock and vibration. H.I.D lighting is very energy efficient, producing 3 times the light with low power consumption. A colour temperature of 4150k is close to daylight, making it more comfortable on your eyes, reducing eye strain and increasing safety. Not only is the illuminated area brighter, but larger as well.


  • Fuse Protector: 20A for 12V, 10A for 24V.
  • Operating Temperature: min -40c, max 70c.
  • Rating: IP65
  • Len: Hardened glass
  • Lamp Adjustment: Vertical /-30 degrees, Horizontal /-20 degrees
  • Current Draw at start up: 16A at 12V, 10A at 24V
  • Continuous Draw: 3.6A at 12V, 1.8A at 24V.
  • D1 H.I.D technology