Narva Halogen H4 Globe 12V 60/55W Plus 100

Narva Halogen H4 Globe 12V 60/55W Plus 100

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With the continual advance in globe technologies narva has expanded its already impressive range to include a selection of globes types that offer different levels of performance and headlamp appearance. The h4 range includes an extensive list of wattage types as well as standard (plus 30) plus 50 plus 100 plus 120 blue plus 90 arctic plus 50 and intense and 24v plus 100.

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When it comes to ensuring you have a safe vehicle, headlights are an important factor that should be checked on a regular basis. Dull or underpowered lamps can be an added risk factor to yourself and those around you on the road. When choosing a replacement globe, one should always ensure it is a quality globe that, at minimum, will match or surpass that of a factory globe. The narva plus 100 globe uses advanced manufacturing techniques to maximise the xenon filler gas in the globe, allowing up to 100% more light to be produced than that of a typical halogen globe. Without increasing any power consumption or heat, this globe also adds a further 35 metres in the distance it reaches.

  • suitable for use with polycarbonate headlamps
  • no increase in power consumption or heat
  • 100% more light on the road
  • 35 metres longer beam

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